CIS 230, Visual Basic

Ch. 1 Notes, page 1

Objective #1: Describe the process of visual program design and development.

Objective #2: Explain the term event-driven programming.

userevents.gif (2292 bytes)

some user events associated with a command button

Objective #3: Explain the concepts of objects, properties, and methods.

Objective #4: List and describe the 3 steps for writing a Visual Basic project.

Objective #5: Describe the various files that make up a Visual Basic project.

Objective #6: Identify the elements in the Visual Basic environment.

Objective #7: Define design time, run time, and break time.

Objective #8: Write, run, save, print, and modify your first Visual Basic project.

Objective #9: Identify compile errors, run-time errors, and logic errors.

Objective #10: Look up Visual Basic topics in Help.

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