Honors/AP Computer Science Using C++
Wyomissing Area High School, Mr. Minich

This Web site is no longer in use or updated. It was last used in 2002-03 when the AP CS A Exam was based on C++.

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Midterm Exam

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Ch. 16
(linked lists - not covered on AP A exam)

Ch. 17
(stacks & queues - not covered on AP A exam)

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(recursion & searching)

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Part I - Part II

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AP C++ information from the Advanced Placement Program

general AP Computer Science info

Old AP exams & AP class libraries

Online Computer Dictionaries: Webopedia, InstantWeb

MSDN online help for Visual C++, Visual Basic, etc.

Bjarne Stroustrup's Home Page
(the creator of C++)

Prof. Owen L. Astrachan's C++ page at Duke University

Fran Trees' AP C++ lectures

Term Paper Topics

The MainFunction online newsletter

If you think you're good, trying winning $ in C++ & Java programming contests at TopCoder.com

The Visual C++ Compiler Guide

Studio C++ Distance Learning Center

Free or inexpensive C++ compilers that you can use on your PC at home (use at your own risk):

Mainfunction Newsletter

Creating a Class Library

Visual C++ Tutorials

Joseph Bergin's C++ Tutorials

C++ FAQs

USA Computing Olympiad Contest
very challenging but prestigious

CML C++ Contest & Results

MS Training Certification Program

A LOT of C/C++ links here

A LOT MORE C/C++ links here

Some sample C++ programs

About.com's Guide to Computer Science

I have reached the pinnacle of my professional life as a teacher. A virtuous soul whose  initials are P.P. can now be quoted (on the midterm exam essay) as having said,  

"The steps of programming are all very important. The most important however is the psuedocode [sic] step. Without psuedocode [sic] you can do nothing. The coding is what gets the code into the computer, but without proper psuedocode [sic] you might never finish coding. In the real world it is the same way. No professional jumps right in. He sits down and psuedocodes [sic]. This way he will be well prepared for future assignments. Also in case any changes come up it is easy to add lines to your psuedocode [sic]."

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